When Jade Stone’s mother, Gene Stone, a world-renowned artist and diagnosed schizophrenic commits suicide, she leaves her daughter the keys to a warehouse in her will. Unbeknown to Jade, the keys belong to what was once a provocative underground artist collective founded and run by Gene for decades. Jade, a precocious dancer and visual artist dismissed her passions and dis

Jade is now faced with a choice: does she revive the collective, uncovering the secrets of Utopia and the mother she never knew or continue with her life as a businesswoman that she worked so hard to attain? Eventually, deciding to give the collective a shot, Jade attracts a crew of nine dramatically different artists who are all trying to find or re-find themselves after respective major life events. Together they battle the hierarchy and changing climate of the art world in NYC while attempting to make the warehouse a sustainable space, which proves to be much more difficult this time around than when the collective was first established in the 1970’s. Things get messy, dramatic, ugly, beautiful and complicated along the way as the gang works together to push the boundaries of installation and multi-media art while trying to keep their sanity under the spell of the warehouse.

THE CREATORS is a character-driven series that follows the lives, challenges and artistic journeys of a multi-generational and multi-disciplinary group of artists as they struggle to revive The Utopia Art Collective and redefine its function in society.

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