2017 Film Festival NO TIME TO CHANGE MY MIND

Tom is alone in the house they shared and contemplating leaving his partner, Adam. FINALLY leaving him. His inner thoughts and emotions are on display for us as he goes about packing a suitcase and confirming in his mind that he is making the right decision. He thinks about their differences, their similarities, and recalls some of their most recent interactions. But we soon learn, despite a slight emotional tinge of anger, that it is not a break up. This relationship has ended because Adam has been killed in a car accident. What we are not privy to is the extent of self-blame, guilt, or despair that Tom may be truly feeling. As we discover that Tom is bound by his partners wish to have his ashes spread somewhere else, he will have to “leave him” with a physical finality for which he may be ill prepared. Is Tom bound by what he can physically experience? Perhaps he is scared that by spreading his life partners ashes in another town that he will be more alone than he has previously considered. When a partner leaves, or dies, where does the love go? And how much time do any of us have with each other? We can only hope it is “time enough.”

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